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Ten things you probably didn’t know about autism

Tutela Autism

It’s a really misunderstood condition and even the experts disagree about exactly what it is or what causes it. As a result, people with autism often have a really tough time – and that’s not just the ones who are severely affected. There are a plenty of people walking around who you might not think are autistic until they do or say …

Dementia and Grief

Tutela Dementia, Grief

Grief is a universal experience and response to significant loss. Psychologically, grief is complex, involving several distinct emotions: denial, anger, sadness and heartbreak, guilt, despair or loss of hope, acceptance, love, and joy. These last emotions may surprise you, but people commonly feel love for the person they have lost and great joy at having had that love during grieving. Dementia is …

Rain Man 30 years on – How a stereotype was born

Tutela NAS posts

The film Rain Man was released 30 years ago. A big box office hit in 1988, it later won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and Dustin Hoffman won Best Actor. Since then, there have been very mixed views about its impact and whether it’s been good or bad for autistic people and autism awareness. On the one hand, it put ‘autism’ …

Tutela’s office reopens for 2019

Tutela Tutela News

Happy New Year! Our office is back open today after the Christmas break. We would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Caroline and the Team

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