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A look at gaming and autism representation – by Laura Francis

Tutela Autism

Representation is key, they say. One of the most beautiful and soul-stirring thing about video games is that not only can they offer enriching experiences that make us not want to put down our controllers, tell rich, deep stories but they can also create compelling, often relatable characters. Characters that really strike a chord with us. This can be particularly …

Autism diagnosis as an adult in Jersey

Tutela Autism, NAS posts

You may be wondering if you are autistic. Perhaps you have read something about autism, or seen a programme on TV, and think that it describes some of your own experiences. It’s quite common for people to have gone through life without an autism diagnosis, feeling that somehow they don’t quite fit in. Many people learn to cope with life in …

Ten things you probably didn’t know about autism

Tutela Autism

It’s a really misunderstood condition and even the experts disagree about exactly what it is or what causes it. As a result, people with autism often have a really tough time – and that’s not just the ones who are severely affected. There are a plenty of people walking around who you might not think are autistic until they do or say …

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